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  •      This is the only Organization of India which train People about money management & Rules of Richness.
  •      Have one of the best Trainers as Speaker, awarded by many Organizations & known personalities.
  •      Only speaker who gives FREE one to one doubt clearing session apart from Group training.
  •      Only Organization which help you to grow in your business or job
  •      The only Organization which has a network of experts of industry who come as guest speakers.
  •      Has outstanding reputation in the field of training.
  •      The investment for all the trainings is very nominal as per other Organizations.
  •      All the trainings provided by RPG are Practical & easy to understand.
  •      Working in the field for past 16 years so has a vast experience of trainings.
  •      Take participants into training only after a FREE introductory session.
  •      Only Organization which has Personal coaching for entrepreneurs.
  •      Our punch line is “ Reward goes to those who make things happen & nothing left for those who watch”


Do you want to enroll in the Half day workshop to end all problems and start growing your business?
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  •      If you are doing some business & want to grow in it.
  •      If you are into job but want to start some business & want to learn how to chose a profession/ want point to take care before starting a new business.
  •      If you are in job & want to grow in it..
  •      If you have taken some bad loan & want you come out of it.
  •      If you are a investor & want to lean the successful Investment strategy.
  •      If you are not able to grow in spite of working very hard.
  •      If you want to become rich in job.
  •      If you are facing tough competition in your business/job.
  •      If you are planning to start some new business & want to get investors for you Idea.
  •      If you are doing well in business but want to get exponential growth.
  •      As such there is no age bar for this training but your age should not be is less than 18 years of age & should not be more than 65 years of age.
  •      If you have a zeal to get success in business/Job.
  •      If you want to develop your business into brand.
  •      If you want to upgrade your business.
  •      If you want to get 100% from your employee.
  •      If you are having some dream but don’t know how to fulfill that dream
  •      If you are confused about your strategy whether its right or wrong.
  •      If you want to take an expert advice about your career/ Business/Job.


Do you want to enroll in the Half day workshop to end all problems and start growing your business?
Fill up the form to enroll for the Half day workshop.

Call on +91 9210 101 150


It’s a Five day training Program Conducted by Rich people’s Group In all Over India. It’s a Practical Training Program for those who are into some business or Job. In this training we tell the participants about Rule of Money, How Rich People Become Rich? Why some people don’t become Rich even after getting money?, Why most of the Business in India Collapse within 5 years of their Incubation etc. It’s a Complete Practical Training which is based on Principal of science behind richness.


It’s an individual training for people to Grow in their own Business or Job. But if you wish to start a new business/Project than our Team of expert can guide you in this regard like How to choose a new business?, What Points should we keep in mind while starting a New business?, How to get funds or finance for Business etc.

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About Shahnawaz Chaudhary
He is a well known career counsellor. Has already given counseling to thousands of students.

What People Say About Us

He gave a lot in short time of 5 days. Very much practical as it based on live examples of real word personality. This training encouraging direct Changing. Sir is very honest & professional with a kind heart. Someone needed for the country

Nagender saini

Programme director & finance planner
This 5 Days training has refreshed me, opened my eyes to see my short comings, this training will help me to make perfect blueprint for my business. Sir has taught us all the practical reasons to live life; sir has such positive aura which can’t be explained in words.

Biju Peter

It was awesome, wow, wow, wow, wow, This training provided us what we have not studied in school or College. I got lots of the things which can help me to grow in my business. I wish him lots of good health& success in every field. Sir taarif ke nahi Poojne ke Layak Hai.He is the God For youth.

Navin sahni

This Training has made many Positive changes not only in business but also in my life. Everybody must do this training at young age. This Training is must for everyone young or old, man or women, businessman or service man. I don’t have words to explain the qualities of sir, the things taught by sir are all Practical

Pramod bansal

(Business Professional)

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