Trainer’s Training Programme

This is a Practical Training Program Which Include 5 Days Class Room Training For 3 hours Every Day & Six Months Practical Training In which We will Give you Opportunity to face audience in Free Seminars, In trainings as well as in monthly meetings. The selection is based on an interview by the Our Honorable Director Mr. Shahnawaz Chaudhary ji. His decision will be considered as Final. If you are interested you can fill the form in office.


Few Topics which we cover in Training

  • How to become a successful trainer ?
  • Techniques of counseling and finding solutions.
  • How to read psychology of someone?
  • Traits of a good trainer.
  • How to understand the emotions of people?
  • Personality of a Successful Trainer.
  • Why people can’t control loss in business?
  • Why few trainers fail?
  • How to develop yourself into Brand?
  • How to get knowledge about subject?
  • We genrally don’t have business/Job problems, we have peoples problem.
  • How to answer the Question?

  • How to guide people for getting their salary increased automatically?
  • How to judge Money Problems in business?
  • Common mistakes done by people in Job!
  • How to connect people with us?
  • How to keep yourself motivated?
  • How to maintain energy level in training?
  • How to plan your lecture?
  • How to use voice modulation in training?
  • Stage Handling during training.
  • How to handle tough questions?
  • What extra you should do for your trainees?
  • How to stay connected with people after training?
  • Time Management as a Trainer.