Business Training On How To Become Rich?

It’s a Five day training Program Conducted by Rich people’s Group In all Over India. It’s a Practical Training Program for those who are into some business or Job. In this training we tell the participants about Rule of Money, How Rich People Become Rich? Why some people don’t become Rich even after getting money?, Why most of the Business in India Collapse within 5 years of their Incubation etc. It’s a Complete Practical Training which is based on Principal of science behind richness.


It’s an individual training for people to Grow in their own Business or Job. But if you wish to start a new business/Project than our Team of expert can guide you in this regard like How to choose a new business?, What Points should we keep in mind while starting a New business?, How to get funds or finance for Business etc.


Few Topics which we cover in Training

  • How Rich People Become Rich?.
  • Which Strategy was followed by Warren Buffet to become Rich?.
  • How Dhirubhai Ambani made a Huge empire of Reliance while started from aPetrol pump attendant?.
  • How Gautam Addani & Azeem Prem ji worked to get richness?.
  • How Big Business houses make their Strategy?.
  • What are good loans & What are Bad loans?.
  • How to solve money Problem?.
  • What should we do to remain Rich?.
  • Why most of the business collapse in India within 5 years of their Incubation?.

  • How to choose a good advisor about money? Why People ill advice?.
  • What are the rules to become Rich?.
  • How Money Grows?.
  • What to do when strategy fail? .
  • Why some people don’t become rich even after getting money?.
  • What are the habits of rich people?.
  • Time management in business or Job.
  • How to become Rich quickly/ Science of Richness .
  • What points should we keep in mind while taking loan?.
  • How to come out from bad loan?
  • How to motivate team to give 100%?